Our very own bakery

Workshop & Team IJLB

We are a Belgian artisanal bakery that specialises in making granola. That's what we really want to excel at. Developing our own production is a conscious choice. We like to be an open and transparent company where you know how and by whom your bag of granola is made.

Our biggest fans? It’s a mixed bag: young and old who occasionally make their own granola. They’ve taste tested and know that we don’t approach it any differently than you would at home.

  • Tasty
  • Artisanal
  • 100% natural
  • Organic & vegan

Here's where the magic happens!

At our bakery, where it's nice and busy every day.

The ingredients are weighed and mixed according to our recipes, the baking trays are filled and the oven is on around the clock.
But when it comes to baking, we resolutely go for 'low and slow'. We opt for a long baking process at a low temperature. This is how each ingredient retains its unique natural taste. Our discerning bakers never take their eyes off the oven, so that the freshly baked granola always comes out at the perfect time.
Once everything has cooled down, the granola is carefully packaged and prepared for our distributors, stores and customers. Our carriers and the postal service ensure that your parcels of breakfast happiness come your way as quickly as possible.



As an architect, she missed working with her hands and so she took the plunge and started this work six years ago.


Production manager

Sare is the ‘chef d'atelier’ as her colleagues call her in French. A historian with a passion for food and a crazy love for sourdough bread.


Order picker & production

Elias hails from Syria, but we are thrilled he came to Belgium: he is one of IJLB’s top bakers.



Clinton bakes granola by day and takes the stage by night as rapper 2KBeats. His beats can be regularly heard echoing through the bakery.


Office manager

Talita is a dietician and the driving force behind the ‘Theater aan Twater’ festival. She makes sure everything runs smoothly at the IJLB office and is the mainstay of Natalie and Sare.



Social media & production

Danielle regularly gives you the inside view from our production via insta and facebook. When Danielle is not baking granola she is working giving massages. If you need a moment of rest book a massage at MendWell.




Firas joins our team to bake that delicious granola every day! With his positive mindset and punctuality a great asset to our team



administration and webshop

Gwenda easily answers every email and lovingly packages every webshop order. When she is not managing IJLB's packages, she is in her kitchen baking delicious cakes.

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