Is our packaging sustainable?

Environmentally friendly packaging is an issue for anyone who markets a product. We are constantly looking for the most sustainable packaging for our granola. One of the people we consulted was Prof. Dr. Peter Ragaert of UGent, the Belgian specialist in the field of sustainable packaging. He taught us that there is currently no ideal solution that keeps the product fresh, is approved by the food inspection and can be composted quickly.

His advice was to create packaging that consists of as little material as possible and is as recyclable as possible.

It is important that paper and plastic can be easily separated and that the plastic film is an unprinted single-layer material that is easily recyclable. Almost everywhere, these two materials are collected separately.

We follow developments closely and regularly test new materials so that we can put innovations into practice as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, 20% of our production is already sold in bulk in packaging-free shops.

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