The first small step is the biggest leap - part 2

When I decided it would be better to try out the list of dreams instead of brooding on it some more, the number one priority was to do something with my granola. Baking granola was a weekly activity, I didn't have to think about it: the first fledgling idea of a product was there. But how do you start such a granola project?

I am an architect, which is not exactly the right field of experience. Making granola at home was not an option because we have a greedy brown labrador. The list of doubts and question marks was endless, but on the other hand, there was a lot of eagerness to get started.

Everyone undertakes from their own context and their own personality. For me, it was important to cut my granola dream into small, realistic pieces. So I called myself to order and asked myself: what is the first step? And for me that was: the recipe. For my own consumption, I made granola by feel so from now on I had to write down all the steps and quantities.

This seemingly ridiculously small action is the biggest step I have taken in the last six years. With this small action I unblocked myself. A first step sets everything in motion and automatically leads you to the next. And have no illusions, that next one was only a few months later. I made an informative phone call to the FASFC to find out what the regulations were if I wanted to start up my own granola bakery. Not that everything was crystal clear after that, on the contrary, but it was another step. And little by little, the steps came in quick succession until, to your own amazement, you find yourself following a course.

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