Is our granola gluten-free?

Oats are the only cereal we work with. It is naturally gluten-free, but is often contaminated with gluten when oats are processed in a mill in which other grains are also ground.

This is a problem for those who suffer from celiac disease. If you prefer to avoid gluten, these minute traces will usually not cause you any problems. You know your own body and you certainly know what is good for you.

Gluten-free oats certified by Europe are available. Only producers who use them are allowed to put the label "gluten-free" on their packaging. Unfortunately, these oats are extremely expensive and we cannot afford them for the time being.

Our granola, however, is guaranteed to be low in gluten. We have had our granolas tested for gluten in the lab and got an extremely low result that is well below the limit of 20 ppm/kg (which is the upper limit for claiming the label of low gluten).

Our #V virgin pecan granola contains no grains whatsoever and is therefore definitely gluten-free.

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