Overnight granola with mango puree

The ideal bite for breakfast-on-the-go fanatics: easy to make in advance and to take anywhere. The mango puree provides a fresh boost and is made in a jiffy.

  • time: 20 min + one night
  • servings: 4
  • level: enthusiast

How to make it:

The evening before

  • 1

    Put the chopped granola and chia seeds in a mixing bowl and stir into the (plant-based) yoghurt and milk. Don't worry if this mixture is still liquid: the chia seeds
    will soak up the moisture and tomorrow you will have a solid breakfast.

  • 2

    Cover and put in the fridge.


The morning itself

  • 1

    Put the mango cubes in the blender and blend with honey, cardamom and a squeeze of lemon juice until you have a smooth puree.

  • 2

    Put a bit of granola in each glass, divide the overnight oats over it and put a layer of mango puree on top.

  • 3

    Top with some extra granola if desired.


Tip: You can also make the fruit puree with ripe apricots or peaches when they are in season.

Tip: You can use this recipe perfectly for a larger party. The night before, fill small shot glasses with 2/3 chia pudding and 1/3 mango puree. At the time of your breakfast, the granola can be added. With this recipe, you can make a nice mini portion for about ten people.

Needed for 4 portions:


  • granola, chopped 150 gr
  • chia seeds 50 gr
  • (plant-based) yoghurt 300 gr
  • (plant-based) milk 200 ml
  • salt 1 pinch

Mango puree

  • (frozen) mango, in cubes 250 gr
  • honey 1 tbsp
  • cardamom 1 pinch
  • lemon juice 1 squeeze


Which granola?

If you like a slightly sweeter taste, this recipe is delicious with granola #7 or #8. If you like it sugar-free, choose the Virgin granola #V.

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